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Tomato juice: let’s talk about it…

A tomato is technically a fruit (so they say), but does that mean we need to drink it? I won’t bite into one like an apple or anything (that’s just crazy), but I have generally learned to appreciate tomatoes in most things. Tomato soup? Delicious! Salsa? Yes, please! But, tomato juice? Nope, not doing that.

So how is it my luck that every time I’m on an airplane and that beverage cart comes clambering down the aisle, the passenger next to me orders tomato juice? Airplanes are already uncomfortable, why subject a perfectly innocent stranger to that pungent deer’s blood in such a confined space?

My dad, who I fortunately don’t travel with often, is one of these offenders. The last time we flew together I felt compelled to asked him why on Earth people always order tomato juice on airplanes. He laughed, admitting that he does always order tomato juice on airplanes, and told me that since he never thinks to buy it at home it’s like a special treat when it’s offered to him as a free beverage option. It’s a no-brainer for him. Tomato juice? Wow, I forgot in a moment of temporary insanity that I LOVE tomato juice.  I’ll have that!

I was dumbfounded. If you love it that much why isn’t it part of your daily lifestyle? Put it on your grocery list. You can get tomato juice anywhere. It’s not expensive, elusive, or some delicacy that can only be enjoyed at 30,000 feet.

So please, tomato juice lovers of the world, feed your craving on the ground every once in a while and maybe the next time you fly you’ll remember how much you love ginger ale.


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