Finding your Motivation

What would you do if you found “the motivation?”

People tell me all the time that they wish they had the motivation to work out. Even more tell me they wish they had the motivation to get up earlier. I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think motivation is the thing you’re missing. If you can tell yourself you want it, then you’ve got all the motivation you’re ever going to get, and all that you really need. Maybe the truth hurts, but motivation doesn’t get more powerful than that.

Motivation is necessary to help set goals, but it’s not what you need to actually achieve them. It’s been scientifically proven that feelings of motivation, for everyone, no matter how strong their purpose, will waver and wane with conditions…the weather, hunger, the people around them…this list is frightening long. Motivation can appear (and disappear) without notice, but don’t expect to find it like a shiny quarter buried in the couch cushion and VOILA your behaviors are instantly transformed!

The truth is, what you often mistake as motivation in other people is actually HABIT. Unfortunately, habits don’t just appear, they have to be created. Nobody is impressed that I woke up early that one time to work out. What they really envy is that I ALWAYS get up early to work out. That’s not motivation my friends, that’s habit. Unlike motivation, which comes and goes with ease, habits are hard to break!

So stop looking for the motivation to do something, and just do it anyway. Do it when you don’t want to and then do it again and again. And when you’re consistent, and you create healthy habits, that’s where you’ll find that shiny motivation to keep going.

First make your habits, then your habits will make you.

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