Give a Little, Take a Lot!

As mothers, wives, or women in general, we’re often in a position where we prioritize the people around us. And that leaves us last . . . last to eat, last to sleep, and worst of all, last to love.

We give so much to others that we often feel there is no love left for us. In a world where selfish is shamed, we must find strategies to care for ourselves. But we have to stop believing that self-care is simply brushing our hair and sitting down to eat. Self-care is more than just keeping ourselves upright, but allowing ourselves the opportunity to grow.

Because it’s our nature to help others, one of the best way to help ourselves is to help others who are chasing the same goals. SO coach, teach, mentor, or just be a partner in success. Choose an area in which you want to grow, find people who want the same, and help them get there…together.

People think they need accountability partners so that they have someone to drag them along when things get hard. The true power in a partner is not that they’ll drag you, but that you’ll drag yourself for them. Deep down, we know that we may not always show up for ourselves, but we wouldn’t dream of not showing up for someone else.

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