Push Yourself Up!

Want to get better at push-ups? All it takes is practice and this simple plan.

First, do as many push-ups as you can without stopping. Write down today’s reps.

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, not next time you feel like it, do 75% of your first day’s max.

Now, every day, add one rep to a “no matter what” set. NMW sets mean you take as many breaks as necessary but don’t quit until you hit your reps target. At some point you will find that you cannot add the next rep no matter how long of a break you take. Write that number down, and take the next day for rest.

Take two reps off your last number and do that every day for the next week, NMW. When the week is up, go back to adding one rep every day, back to your “no matter what” sets.

Keep cycling through this process until you get to the number that you want. You must be patient, but this will get you to your goal.

You are your only limit.

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