The Rejects

I’ve been rejected by plenty of things in my life – schools, boys, government funding sources – but that’s all part of personal and professional growth, right? I want to truly believe this in my heart but there’s still something unsettling about receiving a rejection letter, e-mail, phone call, or, worse yet, no response at all to something you’ve worked really hard on.

So what’s my most recent case of the rejects that’s got me all woeful? My attempt at becoming a published writer, that’s what.

As a chemist, I’ve published plenty of scientific works but few people know that I’ve enjoyed creative writing since I was a child. I’ve always found writing therapeutic but have kept it relatively private over the decades. However, my physical transformation over the last year has taught me that we need to constantly aspire and inspire if we’re ever to achieve our full potential. So, in the spirit of personal re-invention, I’ve decided to hide behind the page no longer. Regardless of how many rejections I get in my inbox, I’m still writing, growing, learning.

Here’s where I take a step back and be thankful that I can write as a hobby, not as a living.

Here’s where I celebrate the fact that I wrote my first novella during the month of November even if nobody but me has read it.

Here’s where I realize that being a writer isn’t about getting published, it’s about putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard.

Here’s where I leave it all on the floor (shoutout to my partner-in-crime, Suzy!) for anyone or no one.

The good thing about my writing hobby is that I’ll never run out of things to say so I ‘midas well’ let it out. Besides, if words are never read, were they ever really written?


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